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Practical references:   Earthships  1  2  3  4  5  6   Reforestation  7   Aquaponic farming  8  9   Geothermal winter farming 10  11  12   Permaculture farming  13  14    Solar power  15  16   Mushroom farming  17  18  19   Truffle farming  20  21  22   Pasture eggs  23  Rocket mass heater  24  25  26   Biogas digester  27  28  29  30     
Example Floor Plans (small/medium/large)
Off-grid trussed structure 32'L x 24'W x 8'H with 32'L x 16'W x 8'H internal greenhouse

​​​​​​​300x 2"x4"x8" lumber 
200x 1"x2"x8" lumber
100x 2"x6"x8" lumber
100x 4'x8' marine plywood
20x 4'x8' custom glass panes​​​​​​​
200x straw bales
50x metal roof/wall siding
4x 40"x60" tarp sheets
2x 1000 gal water tank
12x 55 gal water barrels
50x PVC pipes & connectors
 20x garden compost
30x cement bags
10x coarse aggregate
1x 5kW solar power system
100ft electrical wiring
10x power outlets
used tires
used pallet boxes
used wood/timber
used doors and windows

1x UAZ or Sprinter van
1x first aid kit
1x portable generator
2x cordless drill/impact drill w/bits
2x circular saw 6" & 10" w/blades
1x angle grinder w/blades & sander
1x cordless framing/brad nailer
or 1x Ramset nail gun
1x electric chain saw
1x propane weed torch
2x 6' & 8' ladders
2x hammer
2x hand saws
2x hand chisels
1x mallet
2x Speed squares
2x tape measure
2x spirit levels
2x shovels
2x wheel barrow
1x pole hole digger
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